Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.4.1 by AMD releases

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AMD finally released its Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.4.1. This minor update includes many bugfixes especially focused on gaming. AMD also brought the beta level support for Windows 10 April 2018 especially for its “Radeon Pro Software”. Therefore, it will be apt to say to update right now with the new “Radeon Pro Software Adrenalin Edition 18.4.1.”

Here, the important point is as follows: This update of 18.4.1 isn’t relevant to the both the Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G. For whom initial WHQL Radeon Software for Ryzen Desktop Processors with Radeon “Vega Graphics” still provides the latest listed drivers. Needless to say, this clearly indicates that the two new Ryzen APUs aren’t supported under this April 2018 Update. Whereas, the Microsoft’s “WSUS” oriented Update Catalog does list drivers for Vega 6 and 8 graphics from its mid-April Windows.

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According to reports, bugfixes resolved in this 18.4.1 update are as follows:

World of Final Fantasy water textures may not render or may appear to be missing
Stellaris may experience an application hang on loading screens.
Call of Duty: World War II may experience corruption during gameplay on Radeon RX 400 series graphics products
Sea of Thieves may experience flickering in some game menus on multi GPU enabled system configurations
The Radeon ReLive Instant Replay feature may fail to record in some gaming applications unless the desktop recording is enabled

Also, some open issues which are still in the record of 18.4.1 are as follows:

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider : application hang when launched in DX12 mode
  • World of Tanks may experience some minor errors on ground textures
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may experience stuttering during its gameplay
  • Destiny 2 may experience increasing load time durations when the game is run for extended periods of time
  • Some DX9 games or applications may experience a hang or system instability when being run on multi GPU system configurations utilizing four GPUs
  • Radeon Overlay may not show its all features when games are run in borderless fullscreen mode
  • Netflix playback through a web browser experience glitches or hangs when using Radeon RX 400 series or Radeon RX 500 series multi GPU enabled system configurations

Meantime, AMD released Radeon Software for Linux 18.10 last week for the Linux users. With a support for Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS and SUSE LE 12 SP3, as well as Vulkan 1.1 with open source drivers.

The updated drivers are easily available on the Radeon Settings tab or online at the AMD driver download page for AMD’s desktop, mobile, and integrated GPUs. In case of more info about these updates, you can visit the “Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.4.1” release notes.


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