Riing Plus and Pure Plus RGB Fans now supports Alexa

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Thermaltake Amazon Alexa

Thermaltake is well-known for its products such as premium computer chassis, DIY and AIO cooling and high-performance computer fans and they have steadily provided us with various solutions when it comes to building a PC.

Recently they have announced that the well known TT RGB Plus products will now support Amazon Alexa. The product includes the Riing Plus 12, 14, 20 LED RGB fans and Pure Plus 12 and 14 LED RGB fans will now be shipped with integrated Amazon Alexa which will allow users to voice control lighting effects and fan speeds through Alexa enabled devices.

Along with in voice control, the TT RGB Plus products also comes with exclusive effects such as if you ask Alexa about the current weather condition, then the Riing Plus and Pure Plus LED RGB fans will change to a colour scheme according to the prevailing weather of that particular location.

Equipped with the intelligent lighting system, the TT RGB Plus products provides numerous colour options along with synchronization of lightning with that of games, music, CPU temperatures and other TT RGB Plus products. The TT RGB Plus software also supports AI voice control in Android and iOS devices. This will bring a nice change in the current ongoing RGB market trend as there are very few products that can actually sync with music or games. To know more about the amazing combination of Alexa along with Thermaltake check this link out.


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