Roadmaps Suggest Intel’s 9th Generation CPU’s will be coming to Town in October

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The wait might not be as long as we thought. A recently leaked roadmap suggests the Intel’s 9th generation CPU’s will be launched in October. Both consumer-based i9 CPUs and Basin falls (with an estimated year-long expansion) & SKU additions (with expansion estimated from Q1-Q2), will be following close behind in 2019.

We got the chance to feed our eyes on 3DMark benchmarks earlier this week on what we believed to be Intel’s Core i9 9900k, with a TimeSpy score that beat AMD’s 8-core Ryzen 2700X. HKEPC has made clear the conflicting roadmaps released sometime this week by Xfastest (which leaked an older version showing Coffee Lake-S Refresh CPUs like the Core i7-9700K & Core i9-9900K being launched in Q1 2019 instead of the anticipated Q3-Q4 2018 timeframe). It has stated clearly that Intel’s flagship i5, i7, & i9 chips would be arriving before the years end with the window narrowed specifically to October.


With the release coinciding with Basin Falls Refresh, the Core i5-7640X will be replaced with the Core i9-7980XE but will still make use of the X299 chipset & a 165W TDP line-up. Intel’s X299 chipset is still going to be the power core for the i5-9600K, i7-9700K & i9-9900K. The New desktop CPUs will also be launching on the Z390 platform. No mention of the ‘Cascade Lake X’ 28-core CPU, which Intel showed off during “Computex 2018”, has been found so far.

The baseline is this. Until Intel makes known its plans officially, no conclusion can yet be drawn. However, it is good to know we do not have to wait till 2019 to have a taste of Intel’s new chips.

Shahnwaz Khan

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