Samsung begins mass production of cheaper 4TB QLC SSDs

The consumer market is about to have a blast as Samsung begins mass production of 4TB QLC SATA SSDs, which maintains its TLC flash base of 1TB V-NAND.

According to Samsung, the traditional challenges associated with QCL flash, (like lower endurance & performance due to the extra 33% density), has been set straight, thanks to advancement in 3D manufacturing tech. & now the speeds attained by the company’s TLC SSDs should be expected in the QCL flash. This advancement has also resulted to the feasibility of the NAND being used for light-use applications like desktop PCs. An advantage of the QCL flash over the TLC flash is its ability to store 4 bits per cell, (TLC flash stores 3 bits per cell), which will help to bring higher storage capacity at lower prices to the SSD market.

The SATA SSD measures 2.5-inch and comes with 32 chips based on Samsung’s 4th Gen. 64-layer flash. More upcoming tech from the company includes a 128GB QCL memory card for smartphones, 1TB & 2TB models of the SATA SSD (coming later this same year) & NVMe SSDs coming as M.2 models for enterprise applications.

At the moment, Samsung is yet to provide information regarding its shipping dates, branding or pricing. No random performance/endurance metrics has been provided by the company for now, though it promises sequential throughput of 540/520MB/s read/write. Even though Samsung decided to be quiet during the Flash Memory Summit, its announcement of the new 4TB QLC SSD sends a wave racing towards QCL announcements from Micron, Toshiba, Western Digital & Intel, leaving SK Hynix as the lone flash-champ yet to announce a new QCL product.

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Shahnwaz Khan

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