Samsung begins production of ASCI chips dedicated to mining

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It’s been more than a month since the shortage of graphics cards on the market because of miners using them to generate cryptocurrency. eRetailers like Newegg and Micro-Center tried their best to sell the graphics card on much lower prices by selling bundles and limiting the graphics cards but there are other companies who have now started to produce equipment like complete RIG’s for cryptocurrency only, just like we saw a few days ago MainGear doing this.

But now Samsung starts the production of ASCI chips that are specially meant for mining cryptocurrency. Recently, Samsung also stated that they have already started the mass production of GDDR6 memory which will be double powerful than the GDDR5 and now we may now be seeing another mass production of devices like ASCI chips which may or may not help the graphics cards prices to reduce.

Although, if these will help the miners to generate specific cryptocurrency faster than the graphics cards, then it is possible to see miners inclining towards the ASCI chips rather than the graphics cards but we don’t know if it can mine every cryptocurrency present currently.

According to a report provided by Korean media, Samsung developed these chips last year and started its mass production in Jan this year. These chips benefit mining a lot and proved themselves to be more efficient than the graphics cards according to the report.

An Analyst at Samsung Securities also stated that:- “While Samsung Electronics may seek to increase profits through the supply of some ASICs, the share of foundries in the entire semiconductor sector is not large. Therefore, we anticipate that semiconductor co- It seems difficult, “he said. ”

So, it is ambiguous if this will affect the selling of graphics cards for mining although, I believe as more and more companies are taking steps towards separating the mining and gaming desktop businesses, we might see some relief soon. I hope gamers would be able to buy graphics cards at their original prices and if not, at least we may see some decent cut-off in the prices at which they are being sold right now.



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