Sennheiser reveals new products, the 300 PRO series

A couple of days ago, Sennheiser announced a new lineup of headphones and headsets called the 300 PRO series. There are 6 models and comfort is the paramount design criterion for all of them. According to the announcement page, they claim to have received a very high user approval and many engineers and operators were extremely pleased with them. The headsets were also created for extensive use while being able to provide precise sound reproduction.

Image Source: Sennheiser.com

How are these headsets and headphones designed to be comfortable? Well, they use a new padding material and a new fork design to ensures their contact pressure is evenly distributed over the entire ear pad, ensuring both increased comfort and excellent sealing against outside noise. They also noted that it also removes any pressure from the sensitive area of the fontanelle for instance if the person wears glasses.

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Sennheiser recruited acoustic engineers and tried to replicate the sound reproduction of the legendary HD 250. Even though there is a slight difference in ear cup shapes, the engineering team was able to get extremely close to the original model, thus placing the HD 300 PRO next to the greats. They feature detachable cables which offer improved protection against handling noise. A “rugged, bendable and twistable” headband and customisable nameplates included in the series. The communication headsets also feature a noise compensated, super cardioid boom microphone for crisp communications even in loud environments. With all of this taken in account, the headsets are also ideal for music makers.

All models of the headphones and headsets are supposedly fitted with Sennheiser’s ActiveGard technology, which should protect the wearer from sudden sound bursts. It is an added safety that differs from traditional acoustic shock clipping circuitry.

The 300 PRO series will be available from August 2018. For more information about each specific models, check out their announcement page.



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