Sharkoon has new full-size and TKL keyboards with RGB lights

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Sharkoon is one of the less known companies that manufacture cases, power supplies, storage solutions and gaming peripherals such as mice, headsets and keyboards. They recently released new keyboards for both gaming and office use that goes by the names of PureWriter RGB and PureWriter TKL RGB. The first one is a full-sized keyboard while the latter one is tenkeyless as stated in its name.

These keyboards are light and compact which feel just like a typical laptop keyboard which is perfect for those who don’t want bulky keyboards. Both keyboards are going to use the same mechanical switches from Kailh that they used for the older PureWriter models without RGB illumination. These switches are available in red or blue and the lighting effects and settings can be adjusted directly on the keyboard without needing any software. Other less important keys such as the multimedia key are found on the PureWriter RGB near the numeric keypad however they are not included in the PureWriter TKL RGB.

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PureWriter RGB
Image Source: Sharkoon.com

The keyboard is frameless and has its surface made out of aluminium. This same design is found in the older models that do not have RGB illumination. The full-size PureWriter RGB measures 436 mm in length and 127 mm in width while the TKL version measures 355 mm in length. Other features such as anti-ghosting keys and n-key rollover allow the keyboard to be used for gaming. It also has a polling rate of 1,000 Hz. The keycaps of both keyboards measure at a heigh of 6.2 mm and have a lifecycle of about 50 million key presses.

It is currently only available in Europe on its official website here. The PureWriter RGB is available at 79.99 Euros while the PureWriter TKL RGB version is available for a lower price of 69.90 Euros. No information has been released about its availability in the US or other parts of the world.

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