South African retailers such as RebelTech are taking measures to provide GPUs to gamers

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It’s been around 2 months since the scarcity of graphics cards started because of the rise of cryptocurrency mining and there is not a single shadow of a doubt that the price increase in graphics cards is only because of this trending business and not because there is some kind of slow manufacturing process.

Graphics card scarcity
This thing is like a Diamond now

Mybroadband talked to several retailers in order to know how they are dealing with the shortage of graphics cards in South Africa because the shortage is worldwide, there are several retailers which are trying their best to manage between gamers and miners.

Some of the retailers they talked to are RebelTech, Raru and Wootware. Out of these three, RebelTech seemed to be the only one who is concerned more about gamers than the other two. They are trying to limit the purchase of graphics cards based upon the capability of a card to have an SLI compatibility. If a card is not compatible with SLI feature, they have limited it to 1 card per customer and if does support SLI, then it is 2 cards per customer.

Rebel Tech saidThis is in an attempt to keep as many customers happy as possible – instead of having one happy miner buying 10 cards, we can have 10 happy gamers buying one card each,”.

Whereas the other two retailers are talking similar measures and are watching each customer equally whether they are miners or gamers. Raru is seemed to have no concern to prioritize gamers. They have the policy of “first-pay, first-allocated” and said, “We are offering a pre-order opportunity for clients to place orders on specific cards that we have on order with our supplier,“.

Similarly, Wootware says, “All customers are seen equally, regardless of the use case. and as such the quantity limitation policies apply equally across the spectrum,”. 

Wootware also said that graphics cards are constantly coming into the country on a regular basis and they try to update the website if an offering is available.

Source:- Mybroadband



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