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PUBG is the current sensation of the gaming world and with the addition of their latest Mobile version, it has raised the craze even more. Millions of users have been playing PUBG mobile on daily basis since its launch and more over it also allows users to have a taste of the game even if they don’t have a computer to play PUBG PC version.

However, there is one problem that many of us can face while playing PUBG mobile as the game is a high resource one most of the time it ends up getting your battery drained out of facing lag. Even I as a player faced a kind of similar issue on it, as during a gameplay when there were 3 players left including me and I also had an upper hand in the game but due to a certain incoming call PUBG stopped working and on reconnecting the game it is found that I lost that one.

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After having this kind of issues, many would have tried to play PUBG mobile on their desktop with the help of
emulator’s though most of the users have been using android emulators like Nox app player, Bluestacks etc. however, these emulators are most likely incompatible with the game because they aren’t flexible enough to handle the in-game controls and apart from that you will need a good configuration of PC to handle the emulator also.

So after few days, we have got an emulator named as “Tencent Gaming Buddy” which is made especially
for playing PUBG Mobile game. The emulator uses low resource than others present and is fully
compatible with PUBG Mobile.


The emulator can be downloaded from this website and gets installed very quickly. However, one thing to be kept in mind and I find it out when I started playing. Inside the emulator when you will be ready for a game it detects that the game is being played by an emulator and you will get a team of players who are using it too. I think this is a nice step to make the gameplay fair.


So if you want to taste the game on your PC you can now do so without any issues.



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