Spire Electronics announced Spire Husky One: An affordable ATX mid-tower Case

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We have witnessed a lot of PC Cases from different manufacturers around the world, while some of them are from reputed brands while others are from pretty new brands and recently we came around one of such PC Case from a brand whom you might not have heard before named Spire Electronics. Recently Spire Electronics announced a new Spire Case to its HUSKY line up which is a budget-friendly mid-tower PC Chasis.

The Case has pretty decent looks and also offers impressive features like the separated PSU Chamber and this feature is new to this line-up of cases. The PSU chamber separates your power supply unit from the main chamber and it’s quite common in PC Cases these days.  The IO is also up to the mark to compete with other cases in the market offering 1x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0 along with Audio Ports.

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The mid-tower case has enough room for almost everything offering an overall nice cooling potential which is summed up with the presence of a single 92 or 120mm fan at the rear, up to three 120mm on the front, one 120mm or 140mm on the top and two more fans of 120mm on the PSU chamber itself. Along with this, it can also house a 380mm GPU and 161mm high CPU Coolers. The case also moves one step ahead in the direction of toolless approach and comes with thumb-screw access panels.

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The case comes with an acrylic panel on one side which to me should have been a tempered glass of solid panel as acrylic are prone to scratches. However, the Spire Husky one is now available from Spire Corporation in Shenzhen China, but it will be released in USA and Europe in the coming month with a price of $45.99 which is indeed quite cheap in terms of the features it offers.


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