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StarCraft Is Life’, A short film will mark the 20th anniversary on 31st March this year. StarCraft originally owned by Blizzard Entertainment debuted with the video game series as StarCraft in 1998 and is going to celebrate that anniversary with the streams and in-game giveaways. The game got released for Windows as the first video game in the StarCraft series.


The short film to be released revolves around the StarCraft players interviews, talking about the series and how it has changed their lives and the impact on them. The film features some of its top players from the games history and community members although who will feature in the film is still a mystery. The online trailer has not been released yet but we can expect that to be out soon which ultimately symbolizes the StarCraft 20th anniversary.

Tim Morten, production director for StarCraft 2 at Blizzard revealed at IEM Katowice 2018 “The thing that struck me, coming on to the StarCraft team, which was just the sense of community, not just the people that work on the game, but the players, the esports community, it really is something special to have continued this long. Almost eight years for StarCraft 2, now almost 20 years for StarCraft as a franchise – I think there is that sense of family and sense of belonging that people who are a part of that community engender and feel.”

You shall expect a special StarCraft anniversary stream on March 30 and March 31 featuring most popular faces while touching the memories down the lane in the history of StarCraft video game series.That looks like to be an exciting film with all historical events covered in the series of the game.

You can visit the official site for the anniversary celebrations. to know more about the news, events details.


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