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Back in April 2014, we saw Microsoft removes its support from one of the most popular OS Windows XP, after providing support for 12 long years. And now Steam finally confirmed that starting January 1st, 2019, it will also remove its support for Windows XP and Vista after supporting it for almost 17 long years.

The information was conveyed by a recent publication on Steam and the reason is that our Steam depends on an embedded version of Google Chrome to operate properly and as Chrome doesn’t support these OS further and as a result, it will a bit difficult¬†for Steam to¬†operate properly in these OS. Further, the upcoming versions of Steam will be dependable on Windows features and security updates that aren’t supported in versions of Windows that are earlier to Windows 7.

However, Steam has provided enough time to either upgrade your PC or to change your OS as they will be supporting XP and Vista till the end of the current year, but, there will be few limitations also which includes the new Steam chat Client that won’t be available in this two OS.

If you go according to the statistics, the recent Steam Hardware Survey provides us with information about various hardware that is being used by their user and according to that survey 0.22% is currently still using Windows XP while Vista is nowhere to be found.


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