Steam now supports High DPI feature

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There is now a good news for users of Steam as VALVE has finally released an update for its client to support High DPI feature. Valve rolled out this new Steam update this week which makes the experience a lot better for anyone running a resolution higher than 1080p. The Steam update first became available on Wednesday and got another update the next day.

It has some normal changes and updates but the one everyone is delighted about is that it now supports high-DPI monitor. Technically this update will make text, menus and other UI elements much sharper on screens with resolutions higher than 1080p. If you are having a 1440p or even a 4K monitor, you will immediately see the difference, but it has a drawback added to it as it is only available when running Windows 10 with the 2017 Creators Update.

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Now if you are like me, who is currently running multi monitors, the update will improve the way Steam windows behave in the taskbar. It also brings support for the exFAT file format, meaning it can now detect and work with exFAT-formatted drives which is indeed a good news after a decade. The other big addition comes in the form of new transition animations that play when opening, minimizing, or closing Steam windows. It also provides a subtle polished visual effect for viewing.

Anyone using 1440p or 4K monitors may need to increase the DPI scaling factor to make text and other objects easier to read putting less stress on your eyes. Most applications with proper DPI scaling support can accommodate this change and will remain visually sharp and appealing to the eye. As for Steam, it did not support this scaling and would look very rough on displays with very high resolutions. But at last, VALVE has finally updated its client which is widely used by PC Gamers all over the world. For more details of the patch visit their official site.

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