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Getting the best computer components and buying a cheap monitor isn’t a good choice. Even if you buy a pc with i7 6700K, dual gtx 1080’s, 16gb of ddr4 ram and so on, you won’t get the best experience in games. I personally used a simple LG 19 inches monitor for a long time to game on when I didn’t had money but soon changing to a simple 1080p gaming monitor from BenQ increased my gaming experience to a whole new level.

Now I can experience a full hd resolution with clear images and high quality colours. Same goes for every gamer who wants to feel the game as it should be. If you are playing games like resident evil or tomb raider, then places where there is a lot of darkness will not let you see properly if you own a non-gaming monitor. This is just one point because of which you should buy a “Gaming monitor”.

I will list only three points below to make it clear what things you should see before buying a new monitor for your gaming build. If you have any doubts you can ask me in the comments and I would love to help.

#1. Display

I won’t be going in so much technical detail but will clear some points related to it. There are many types of displays you may have heard of. The most known to common people are LCD and LED in which there are different types of displays too. Today is the generation of LED monitors and no one buys a LCD monitor for gaming cause of terrible viewing angles. But there are some LED monitors which are LCD backlit. So you won’t be getting a good display on them too. Avoid them as much as you can.

These are generally the 19″ monitors which are cheap and come under $70. An example of it was my LG 19″ monitor(I forgot the model number). Now for $130 and above you can find really good gaming monitors which are having either VA display or TN display.

The TN displays are used for fast response gaming only as I have used them for CSGO but the viewing angles are not that good. The colours change at different angles a little and seem to be fading away. The brightness and colour quality are just OK enough for gaming. But still they are the most demanded gaming monitors today. I recommend these monitors for gaming if you play CSGO most of the times.

Now you have VA(Vertical alignment) and IPS(In plane switching). The VA panels are fine for most of the time but their response time is not as good as TN panels. Well when I used a TN and VA monitor, I didn’t find much of the difference. The colour quality and the brightness were much similar but the overall response time of TN was better.

Whereas the IPS panels are good both at colours and quality. The Pixels per Inch are more than the VA and TN panels and you get a clear sharp image.  When you see from different angles then the colours don’t fade away at all and the brightness is awesome. So if you only want to play AAA titles then IPS panels are the best. They provide clear and sharp colours and provide good visibility in darkness.

#2. Refresh Rate, Response time and Screen Size

The most affordable gaming monitors especially those VA/TN panels come with 60Hz of refresh rate. The more the refresh rate will be the faster the gaming experience will be. If you own a 60Hz monitor but a gaming system that can max out anything at 1080p with more than 100 fps then you are not taking advantage of your gaming rig. Along with it you should also target for 1ms of response time if you can. 4ms is ok but for playing CSGO at 60Hz, it’s not OK.

You must go with a higher refresh rate and lower response time monitor. Now there are 120Hz and 144Hz monitors present in the market. But only TN or VA monitors will provide the lowest possible response time. The TN being the best. Even a costly IPS monitor provides only 5ms response time with 60Hz which makes it poor for fast response gaming.

Generally the games don’t require more than 60Hz of refresh rate as 60fps on these games are smooth enough. But if you are mostly playing CSGO then 60fps on a 1080p IPS monitors can be felt stuttery even if you get 100fps. You need at least 120Hz in this case.

Now the more the refresh rate the more will be the price of that monitor. So, now you need to think about your goals. Do you want to play only one fast paced games? or you also want to enjoy some other titles?

If the latter option applies to you then a 1080p 60Hz monitor is enough. You can get either a 22 inch or a 24 inch monitor. Some prefer gaming on 24 inch 1080p monitor more but I prefer 22 inch display cause you get more crispy and sharp textures on a small monitor in the same resolution. But 24 inches monitor will let you immerse more in AAA titles. So the choice is yours. You won’t regret either of them.

Next comes the 27 inches monitor. If it ain’t at least a 1440p display then it’s waste and you don’t need to buy it. A 27 inches monitor with 1080p display is foolishness. At least aim for 1440p or 4K if you prefer a smaller screen with higher resolution. For 4k I recommend a 32 inch monitor as it’s best for AAA titles and will provide you a immersive gaming experience even if you are sitting on a couch with your controller far away.

#3. Cost

Cost wise the VA panels are the cheapest and you can get them much cheaper than the TN panels for the same resolution and screen size. Yes they are a little slower but if you are on a tight budget then these are the best for you. Generally you can get a cheap good 1080p 24 inch monitor in just under $140.

The TN panels cost more but are also worth the money. A good 1080p 24 inch monitor will cost you around  $180. So those 40 dollars can make your gaming experience a little faster. The best thing about these TN panels is that you can overclock them a little bit for more smoother gaming experience. I have the BenQ RL2240HE and when I overclocked it to 75Mhz, the smoothness of CSGO was clear.

IPS panels are the most expensive ones. A good 1080p 27 inch monitor will cost you more than $300. So if you don’t mind to pay that much money for the quality, it’s your wish. But at the same time you can get an older IPS monitor model from LG or DELL for the same price of a VA panel. So, you can actually save money on an IPS panel if you want to spend the least and want to get the best picture quality.


Concluding these three factors I think it’s clear what you need. I recommend a TN panel for gaming as I am myself a CSGO fan and prefer fast monitor. I don’t need a great viewing angle feature cause I don’t play games by looking from the other side.

At the same time if you play games and watch movies with your friends or family then only IPS monitors will be good but you will see some ghosting effects too and that can be annoying at times.


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