Swiftech releases the Drive X3 AIO coolers

Drive X3 AIO coolers

The Swiftech just released its new cooler, called ‘Driver X3‘. Necessary positive adjustments and improvements have been introduced into this new X3 AIO series. The series is now of another naming convention and new sizing. Customers can get it at $139.95 from their official store.

The Swiftech Driver X3 has two sizes of radiator, dual and triple fans. Both fans are of 120 mm length. The fan is designed for better static pressure and optimum discharge. They are of the low working noise level as well. Swiftech IRIS RGB is with the frame of the fans. The new cooler is made of a patented radiator, reservoir and among others. It is accompanied by a pump combo with a tempered glass reservoir.

To ensure a big look and impact of the Driver X3, it is provided with maintenance free Mayhem ultra-clear tubing.  PMW controller and RGB controller are also available with this cooler: IRIS ECO V2 which has three lighting effects that let customers choose effects and adjust colour and brightness. Different colour dyes such as blue, red, and green are also included with the best coolant which is the Mayhem Pastel White Nanofluid Coolant.

The new Drive X3 possess a new CPU water block called the Apogee SKF “LT”. The water block is based on the Apogee SKF, which was Swiftech’s new water block released last year. The Apogee SKF “LT” has the same Skived Fins thermal engine and can be used with most desktop processors from Intel and AMD.


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