The all new Skiller SGK4 keyboard from Sharkoon uses Rubber Domes

While the market is full of mechanical gaming keyboards, there are a lot of people that can’t afford a $100 or a $150 mechanical keyboard. Companies have made several different types of mechanical feel like keyboards that come under a small price tag and yet they perform very well. Another budget type of keyboard uses the Rubber Domes that provides tactile feel when you press the keys.

Sharkoon has announced its SKILLER SGK4 gaming keyboard that will be using the Rubber Domes instead of mechanical switches. It previously used the mechanical switches for the SGK3 but the SGK4 is all about gaming on a tight budget. The new keyboard has all the basic features and even some advanced lighting effects that should appeal to a gamer.

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The SGK4 uses a sportish design similar to the Asus Cerberus MKII keyboard while using the same Rubber Dome technology that provides comfortable pressing of keys which makes very less noise. The keyboard uses anti-ghosting technology and n-key rollover so that you can register as many keys as possible simultaneously. These keys are rated to work for at least 10 million keystrokes which is a fair lifespan compared to the mechanical keyboards.

SGK4 will be using an inbuilt 256KB of onboard memory to save your profiles for different games. You can customize the macros and save different profiles for different games which will work as soon as you start them. SGK4 is also equipped with 16.8 million colours RGB lighting with 6 zones which can be controlled using the 4 control illumination keys or via the Gaming software.

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The keyboard also comes with an integrated palm rest which will let you put your palm easily at the bottom of the keyboard. Sharkoon has priced it for 29.99 Euros but we don’t have its availability information yet.



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