The Culling 2 is going too get removed and those who purchased the game will be refunded

The Culling 2 was released on 11th July and it was supposed to be the worthy successor of Culling one but things didn’t go as planned and after the release of the game it received a huge negative feedback and the maximum all-time player count was 249 but it soon began to drop down and as of for now the game holds an average concurrent player count of 6. The game also faced a backlash from the existing Culling fan base and this has led the Xaviant to take a drastic step for it as Josh Van Veld announced yesterday in a video that they will be closing the new sequel and the game will be removed from Steam, Microsoft Store and other sites and those who had purchased the game will be provided with a refund. Here’s the video for you:

Instead of working on a fix for the new title, Xaviant decided to close the Culling 2 and they also informed that they will start working on the original The Culling: Day One, which will be coming later this week and they will make similar to its early debut version on Steam which means  that everything will be reset and they are also trying to boost the player base by making the game free to play from day one of its launch. Josh apologized for not listening to the player feedback for the previous title and they instead of fixing those issues moved with a new sequel and thus for that reason they will bring back those moments which the fans once enjoyed.


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