The Dauntless Open Beta has started

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Recently a monster hunter game known as  DAUNTLESS has started its Open Beta. In this game as a player, you need to track and battle deadly Behemoths in a wild open world location. Dauntless has been announced one year ago at The Game Awards and many things have changed in the long period of time. The developers have added new monsters “Behemoths”, new locations in form of Islands and new weapons.

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Looking at the gameplay trailer, the game looks really promising and the visuals are also quite up to the mark. In this game, you will become Slayers who need to stand and work together to fight gigantic monsters that are consuming the Shattered Isles which is the broken-floating realm and the in-game location.

It comes with a single-player campaign and a game mode known as an Evergame which extends beyond the story along with ongoing challenges and high tier rewards. They have got a whole lot of year to get a game developed and the first alpha was released back in early 2017 and they with the help of that they were able to collect valuable information and feedback which helped them to fix a huge number of bugs which is to be exact 1966. They also thanked the players who had helped them in their way of developing this game.

You can get your hands on the game from this website and the open beta is free to access. The game cost ranges from $35-$100 which is a bit costly but as currently, the open beta is free, you can play the game and decide later if you wanna buy it.


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