The Elder Scrolls Online: New DLC and Character customisation update are out

One of the most popular and widely played game, The Elder Scrolls Online has just released two new dungeons which are a part of the Dragon Bones DLC, one being the Scalecaller Peak which is the burial site of a long-dead Dragon Priest that’s now full of cultists, and the other one is the ancient Dwarven ruin of Fang Lair and it is  packed with necromancers. And the most wanted part is there will be a dragon to fight and you will also get a Dragon Priest mask upon setting your foot in one of those dungeons. Elder Scroll Online players with Plus members will be getting the DLC automatically and for other, they will need to purchase the same at a cost of 1,500 crowns if purchased through in-game which is equivalent to 15$ roughly.

The developer also released a free update which introduces an outfit system and allows players to customize their character’s appearance as per their way regardless of what gear they are wearing and it looks pretty nice, and you can also pay gold to change the appearance of your helmet, chest, shoulders, hands, waist, legs, feet and weapons individually.

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Along with the Update 17, they are also introducing a new home furnishings type storage containers where you can store bankable items in your own homes, freeing up space from your bank, inventory or craft bag. You can earn also the first of these by levelling a character to level 18 where you will receive this as a level-up reward, additionally you can acquire seven additional containers from in-game vendors or the Crown Store.

Lastly, Update 17 also includes a new “Level Up Experience”  which will help you understand the game and how to develop their characters with an inclusion of Skills Advisor tool, you can pick skills based on a chosen archetype. For further in-depth information visit their official page.



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