The problem I find with Intel and Nvidia now

Intel and Nvidia

Intel and Nvidia are the most popular manufacturers of CPUs and GPUs. There is no doubt about it. But the trend which I am seeing now among both of them is really concerning. Every year until the last year i.e, 2017 or it will be best to say 2016 to be honest, both of them were indulging in producing better and better chips, providing good performance gains over the previous generations.

But now, that seems to be disappearing very fast and can be clearly seen in 2018 what they are up to. Intel still has the Best Gaming CPUs currently with the latest 9th gen Intel core processors including the i5, i7 and i9s and Nvidia still has the most powerful GPUs like RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Tis. But they are priced excessively high. If we see the trend of how the pricing was before this year, it would make sense that they were providing better value for the price every year with the release of newer CPUs/GPUs.

However, with the release of Intel’s 9th gen CPUs, one can clearly see that they have stepped ahead of the price range which was usually almost the same every year. One may say that their 9th gen CPUs have become faster and so the price increase is justified. But actually, it is not, as this is technology and you need to provide better value for the same price every new generation. The performance increase is not giant either. Intel Core i5s are the mainstream Gaming CPUs as always but the Intel Core i5 8600K and 9600K have marginal differences in their gaming performance but Intel i5 8600K is selling for $240 while the 9600K is selling for $280 on Amazon.com. No matter what clocks they have increased with, but the core count is still the same. So, why this price difference?

Same goes for the i7 9700K which is even ridiculous. i7’s usually costed around $330 for the “K” versions but i7 9700K is now costing above $450. i7 8700K, if I am not wrong was priced around $400. i7 9700K has two more cores but it has also dropped hyper-threading. So, again, this is clearly a case of overpricing by Intel and making it reach near to $500. Previously, one could build a $1000 gaming PC with an Intel Core i7 and a good GPU like GTX 1060 or even 1070. But now that’s impossible to do.

Nvidia, on the other hand, is practising the same. By releasing the RTX cards which have improved performance over the GTX 10 series cards, they have priced them on the same scale as the GTX 10 series cards. An RTX 2080 matches the performance of GTX 1080 Ti, yet it costs $150 more and Nvidia has stopped the production of GTX 1080 Ti to force the RTX 2080 down the throats of the gamers. RTX 2080 Ti, on the other hand, is costing over $1200 but the 1080 Ti was priced at $700 at the launch. This is a huge gap. Although, there is a considerable amount of performance gains, but when you compare the value to price, RTX 2080 Ti loses easily.

I don’t know what will happen to the pricing of next-gen chips but I think that these companies should stick to the old pricing methods. What are your thoughts on this?



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