Thermalright announces ARO-M14 series CPU coolers for Ryzen 2nd Gen

As we got the launch of Ryzen 2nd Gen processors, there are companies which sought this opportunity and thus brought their own parts that will be compatible with the new generation of Ryzen processors. Companies like EKWB brought pre-built gaming PCs with Ryzen whereas companies like Thermalright announced new CPU coolers for the new Ryzen CPUs so that users can take full advantage of overclocking.

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Thermalright produced a pair of high-end CPU coolers only for the AM4 sockets which means that you will be only using these on Ryzen CPUs and not on any other platform. So, make sure you have an AM4 motherboard when these CPU coolers launch in the market in case you want to use these innovative CPU coolers. The cooler is available in two different colours. One is with a grey top plate and is named ARO-M14G and the other has a “Ryzen-Orange” top plate with Ryzen written on the top to match the colour theme of AMD.

These are very heavy CPU coolers with beefy aluminium heatsinks and copper heat pipes. Each of these has 6 copper heat pipes that are nickel-plated that go through the nickel-plated copper base without making direct contact with the CPU and end at the top of the aluminium heatsink. The cooler is designed in such a way that you will have enough clearance for the memories.

Pics Courtesy:- Techpowerup.com

The coolers come with a TY-147 A 140mm fan that has a speed range of 300-1300RPM which makes a maximum noise of 21dBA at full speed which is pretty silent. The fan has an airflow of  73.6CFM which is really outstanding and should have the capability to dissipate much of the heat. Thermalright says that they have designed this CPU cooler for TDP up to 240 watts although no pricing has been revealed till now.


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