Full-Tower Cases

Thermaltake Core X71 Tempered Glass edition

Thermaltake Core X71



Thermaltake Core X71 is one of the best full-towers in the industry if you consider compatibility with components. It can support big AIO coolers as well as custom water loops. Apart from having a large working space inside, it has a dedicated section at the bottom for radiators that can dissipate heat effectively due to good ventilation. It can also support up to 2x 200mm fans at the top which is very rare.

This case is not designed to have dozens of hard drives because it is specially designed for airflow but there is still a decent amount of drive bays for 5.25″ drives, 3.5″ drives as well as 2.5″ drives. All of these can be removed from the case if you want to use a large reservoir and instead use the drive bays behind the motherboard tray.

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Thermaltake Core X71 TG Edition Specs

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