Three Surprising Personality Traits of Skilled Gamers


Gaming is a hobby enjoyed by billions, but while many of us enjoy playing games casually, very few of us actually consider ourselves “skilled gamers”. Few of us will ever find ourselves at the top end of a game’s leaderboard, will be recognized for our talents by a game’s development team nor will we ever go pro, being signed by an esports team that pays us handsomely to play.

However, getting good at games may be possible, if you possess, or are able to work on the following three personality traits. Some of the choices may surprise you.

The Ability to Keep Your Cool

One of the main personality traits shared by many gamers with plenty of high scores and trophies to their names is the ability to keep their cool. Being able to make decisive actions calmly and quickly even under an immense amount of pressure is a vital aspect of a skilled gamer’s personality.

Many games leave us prone to “tilting”, which is where a negative emotion impacts your performance but there are some simple ways to deal with gaming anger, helping you to stay calm and avoid rage quitting. Some of the most helpful methods include just taking a break from the game in order to relax your mind and your body or just channelling your anger into other activities including boxing or even just playing a game that you’re better at.

Commitment and Motivation

Another personality trait, which goes hand in hand with levelheadedness, is the ability to stay committed and motivated. When the game isn’t in your favour, or when you’re on a ten-game losing streak, it can be easy to feel defeated and like you will never get better at the game. But, if you stick with it, your skills will steadily improve and the challenges you faced in the game yesterday or the day before will soon be in your rear-view window.

Some of the games that took the longest time to finish include Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 which takes a player a whopping 693 hours to complete (on average) and hit RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which takes 223 hours to beat. But these games have been completed despite these lengthy times and it’s because the people playing them never gave up.


You may be surprised to see creativity here but there is actually a very good reason for it. Creativity and video games go hand in hand because games – online multiplayer games, especially – require quick thinking and the ability to come up with solutions on the fly. If the opposing team composition has left you unprepared or there’s a sudden shift in the enemy’s strategy, you need to be able to adapt quickly.

That’s easier said than done but our recommendations for becoming more creative include building things, drawing pictures, and even learning new skills. By engaging the creative parts of your brain, it may help you improve your gaming skills as well.

Becoming a skilled gamer isn’t easy especially as there are tons of people also aiming for the top of the leaderboard. But just by making some simple changes you can become a better teammate and a better gamer because of it.

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