Turok games coming to Xbox One finally

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Nightdive studios have announced that the two Turok Games, Dinosaur hunter and Seeds of Evil are going to be released for Xbox One on 2nd of March. So, just a few days left before you can enjoy the old late 90’s game which you may have played on Nintendo.

Both of these games were remastered and were made to come on PC in 2015 and 2017. Now, it was time for Nightdive studios to let these games come on Xbox One too. Nightdive is great when it comes to remastering the old games which the original publishers don’t care about. But when the gamers want them, Nightdive studios try to bring them to life again.

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The remastered version of the Dinosaur hunter from what you can see from the above video is not a very high-definition game but it almost looks like the original one to make sure that you live the game as you have been playing it in the late 90’s. There are some modifications and they all fit well into the game.

The game on PC costs around $20 for both which may seem to be overpriced at first but when you see the effort made by Nigthdive Studios, it’s worth it.

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