Ubisoft has new AI for killing Bugs in Game

Ubisoft is all about games and they are really enjoyed by the gaming community. Ubisoft is successfully able to deliver one after another superhit title of games and till date, it is hugely welcomed by the community also. Now the early release of games also comes with bugs that take time to analyze them and eliminate them by providing updates and patches. This period is really frustrating for gamers to wait for a patch that should fix a bug the main hectic job is on the part of the team that fixes that bugs and make your gaming experience a smooth one.

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Ubisoft is advancing into the world of AI announced that its game developers are working with AI which will further help with their coding particularly with the issue of bugs. At the recent Ubisoft Developer Conference in Montreal, the gaming company revealed the new AI assistant. As per Ubisoft, the goal of the AI system will be to catch bugs before they are committed into a code which will help the developers saving their time and also reducing the number of flaws which makes into the game before its release.

According to Yves Jacquier, this should have been done before. And his team along with McGill University are currently working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He also thinks that the Commit Assistant AI will be able to save around 70 percent of costs by fixing bugs during the development phase which requires huge manpower and can absorb as much as 70 percent of the cost for producing a game, but on the other side making the AI to kill the bugs comes with its own challenges as it will need a tremendous amount of data to learn about the bugs in details and also tremendous amount of power required for crunching the data and all the mathematical methods that are involved in the process.

However, there is no word yet if that Commit Assistant AI tool has been used in recent games like Assassin’s Creed Origins or Far Cry 5, though it is confirmed that the developer’s job at not gone yet!!!



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