Ubisoft’s Division is getting a sequel

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Ubisoft, celebrating the two-year anniversary of the famous multiplayer action game Tom Clancy’s The Division, they are currently planning a sequel to the widely popular title and this will be finally revealed at E3.

Though there was no date was provided by Ubisoft regarding the release of The Division 2 but Ubisoft did throw some suspense to its fans about its surprises for the: 2018’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June which most likely will provide some light on the said title. Like other works of Ubisoft’s core action games likely Assassin’s CreedFar Cry, and other titles to the Tom Clancy series, The Division 2 is going to be a multi-studio effort which will be lead by Sweden’s Massive Entertainment along with support from Ubisoft Red Storm in North Carolina, USA, Ubisoft Reflections in Newcastle, northeast England, and Ubisoft Annecy in the southeastern, Alpine region of France.
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In the ongoing 2nd-year anniversary celebration, Ubisoft is going to provide supports with new title updates which will bring new Global Events, Xbox One X enhancements, and many other features, details of which are mentioned by creative director Julian Gerighty in his post to Ubisoft’s central site.

With the beginning of the June update, Ubisoft is working to make sure that the current and returning players remain engaged through a new type of achievement, which will allow them to earn and unlock special rewards for the upcoming game The Division 2 upon its launch.

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According to Ubisoft’s 2018  gaming calendar which includes  a remastered version of Assassin’s Creed Rogue: for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is scheduled on March 20 along with Far Cry 5 for PS4, PC and XBO on March 27, the new addition to the Crew series after its widely successful accomplishments The Crew 2 which is set to release during the Autum,  Skull & Bones between without any confrimation of date, another new addtion to the series of Anno, which is named as Anno 1800 which is set during the time of industrial revolution and due during the end of the year, and a new rejuvination of a musical game title Just Dance probably releaseing in late October.

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