Ultra New ‘stacked’ tech will double AMD and Nvidia’s Graphics Performance

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A revolutionary Ultra new technology by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is said to have an unbelievable capacity to boost the power of Nvidia and AMD’s graphics card. That too, without expanding its size. The revolutionary technology is known as “Wafer on Wafer” which is based on 3D NAND memory technology by placing layers vertically rather than spreading the hardware horizontally across the printed circuit board.

You’ll be surprised to see if you break open the desktop and witness this miracle with your own eyes. As these wafers & mounted components are cut by a diamond saw into single chips and then placed into the physical processor package in a very neat & symmetrical manner. Impressive, isn’t it?

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TSMC's stacked wafer
Image source:- techspot.com

But, the problem with this stacking processor wafers may be in the altogether production. This technique could prove to be expensive on low-yield products and would, therefore, need to be used on production nodes only with high manufacturing yields such as TSMC’s 16nm process technology.

Now, we can only wait to see what revolution it creates in our lives. It goes without saying that we’ll surely keep you updated.

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