Valve’s Artifact is having three new DOTA Character

Valve announced the first details a few days back about their upcoming digital card game named as Artifact which accompanied along with it three new Dota characters.


Artifact is Valve’s upcoming game which is a card game based on the Dota universe. We came to know that the game contains over 280 cards along with 44 featured heroes. Among the heroes, some are familiar to Dota players, such as Legion Commander and Phantom Assassin, though there is a new character as well.

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Among those new characters first, notable mention is Sorla Khan who is a spear-wielding warrior and hails from the same tribe to which our beloved Axe belongs. According to the tales, Sorla became the leader of Axe’s Red Mist army after he left. Now the second new character is Kanna, a mysterious horned character with a demon-like appearance although there are not many details available about him right now except a single voice line spoken by Juggernaut: “Azwraith, you haven’t heard any rumours of Kanna’s return have you?”  And the last but not the least is Rix who is supposedly a humanoid-wolf wielding a sword and he might have some past relationship with Legion Commander.

Some of the game features based on reports by IGNand PC Gamer:

  • The Decks will consist of a minimum of 40 cards and have five heroes, with up to three copies of each card allowed.
  • Cards will belong to one of four different colours such as Red, Green, Black, and Blue and each set of which will have a distinctive style and can only be played in lanes where a hero of the same colour is present.
  • Games start with each player designating a hero for each lane accompanied by some ally creeps, two more of which spawn every turn after.
  • Lanes start with a tower that has 40 health. When they die they’re replaced by an Ancient with 80 health. Lose two towers or one Ancient and it’s game over.
  • Each lane also has its own mana pool which starts at three and increasing by one every turn and you can spend to play cards which cast spells, summon more creeps, or do other cool stuff.
  • When you play a card, your opponent will get a chance to respond with one of their own. After this back-and-forth, combat takes place, with whatever heroes and creeps you have on your side attacking the enemies directly in front of them
  • After combat in one lane, the action shifts to the next until all three lanes have been played and the round comes to an end.
  • At the end of combat, you collect gold for anything you’ve killed, which can be spent on items to equip your heroes during a shopping phase that occurs between rounds. You also draw two cards from your deck during this period.
  • Like in Dota, heroes have a limited number of slots for equipment. A special cloak might add to their health stat, while a magic dagger increases attack or siege damage to buildings.
  • Finally, when heroes die they aren’t gone for good. Instead, they respawn after the next round and can be redeployed to whatever lane you decide most needs them.

Artifact is currently in closed beta on Steam and will go public by the end of this year after its official release there is a plan for an esports tournament scheduled for the first quarter of 2019 along with an idea to bring the game to iOS and Android later.



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