Volta, Ampere or Turing? Nvidia has new plans for graphics cards

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According to a report, Nvidia is preparing next-generation graphics cards with totally new architecture which is Ampere. Last year Nvidia released its Volta graphics card which was named Tesla V100 also known as the most powerful data center graphics card used for computing. But that architecture didn’t come to the “Gaming” category and there is no official report on this whether the architecture will be used in gaming GPUs or not.

But Nvidia has prepared the new architecture for the gaming graphics cards and that is “Ampere”. Reuters has also mentioned it with a code name as “Turing”. This Ampere architecture will be used in the latest generation Nvidia 2000 series graphics cards and the first two GPUs that are expected to be revealed and launched are GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 although these names are based upon the nomenclature Nvidia uses to name its graphics cards and I haven’t heard any official report from Nvidia. It is said that these cards will be revealed in March and should be available in the market for purchase from April 12.

The Ampere architecture will replace Pascal’s GP102 chip with the GA104 that will be the fastest chip that will be used as mainstream in graphics cards. As the current trend of unavailability of graphics cards is going on, it is said to be that Nvidia may be producing graphics cards for miners and gamers separately with maybe the same architecture but with some tweaking. Nvidia’s main focus as it’s been in the news lately was to focus more on gamers than on miners but there is no doubt that they have been benefitted by the miners a lot and their revenue got increased up to 34% alone in the quarter of last year.

So, why would Nvidia not continue to evolve in the mining business? Yes, it is obvious that they will continue their work in this field too but Gaming is also one of their biggest priority which led the company to a huge success over the years and I am sure that they are working hard to make the gaming GPUs available to the gamers.



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