VR arcades are emerging for immersive gameplay

A recent report from CNBC showed that the VR gaming is becoming trending and growing rapidly as compared to the previous years but as the VR headsets are expensive, most people can’t afford it to play in their homes. So, there are some good alternatives which City’s like New York are observing like the Yokey Pokey VR Arcade which lets your kids play the VR games with your friends at a rate of $25 per 30 minutes.

Though 30 minutes for $25 is not cheap at all but it’s much more affordable than buying your own VR headset costing you $500+. Playing with the friends once a week or once a month will definitely give the kids some enjoyment which they can’t get from home. As most of the kids who own a gaming PC can only play with keyboard mouse, they don’t feel it as real as VR Gaming is and they prefer playing the VR games sometimes instead of sitting in their homes.

VR games also encourage the kids to move their bodies rather than just sitting in front of a monitor and doing nothing except moving your fingers and palms. George Casseus who is the head of business development for Brooklyn VR Arcade Yokey Pokey said,¬†“You just don’t want your kids to play video games at home. They come here. They play with their friends. They do more active things inside of here as well.

“VR Games are fun to play but you also need to have a good gaming PC to run them. Check out the $1000 Gaming PC that will get the job done.”

Yokey Pokey at New York emerged in Fall 2017 and have over 42 VR headsets including Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive etc. The peak number of players who play the games on VR is 30 at the same time according to the George Casseus which shows that the VR Hub can easily give chance to several players at the same time. There are many types of games you can play there including Car Racing, Roller Coaster, Horror, adventure etc. making a wide scope for the VR gaming in near future.

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