Xbox made a whooping $2.25 billion for Microsoft previous quarter

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The video game giant “Microsoft” revealed their revenue which has shown an outstanding rise due to the company’s Xbox division. This Xbox division has brought in about $2.251 billion in the quarter that ended March 31. In terms of real figure, this leads to about 18 percent year over year compared to the amount of $1.906 billion in Q3 2017.

Well, this move has come after Microsoft started to directly focus on its active Xbox Live users, instead of focusing on how many consoles it sells. This strategy helped them to care and cater even outside of the Xbox hardware platform and provide service that people can access easily.

In the quarter Q3 2018, Xbox Live had a staggering 59 million monthly active players which is phenomenal compared to previous quarters. This leads to about 13 percent of their 52 million users during the same period last year. This straight away rises which the Xbox division has shown compared to the busy holiday season.

In a recent statement, “Xbox Live [had] continued growth across Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile platforms,” reads Microsoft’s earnings press release. “Gaming revenue increased 18 percent driven by Xbox software and services revenue growth of 24 percent mainly from third-party title strength.

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Needless to say, there was the first-party release late in the quarter by Microsoft. Also, games like Sea of Thieves, Rare’s online cooperative piracy simulator was also launched on March 20 working in favour of Microsoft. This was the fastest record-selling Rare game ever since 1995, which managed to attract 1 million players in its initial first two days in the market. Impressive, Isn’t it?

In keeping with the staggering growth, Microsoft is investing and expanding in gaming, which is clearly visible by their financial numbers. During the last quarter, the company’s operating expenses emerged at about 5 percent. Therefore, gaming is what they are counting on, in addition to their interests towards search and AI engineering.

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