Xbox One controller will soon support Android devices allowing users to use them for playing games

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In today’s digital world users definitely knows one thing or other about Microsoft and they have influenced the lives of many computer users. They are able to dominate the software industry over the past decade through its Windows operating system, however, at present, they are also a competing figure in the gaming industry.

Now they are also trying to reach the mobile market with the help of Google and as per a report from XDA devs. Googles developers have successfully patched the Bluetooth bug which was creating a problem for the controllers to work properly along with smartphone titles.

However, with the launch of the Android’s latest version: Android Pie users will be able to play their favourite titles such as PUBG or ARK with the Xbox Controller. However, being a Mobile PUBG player myself, I had my doubts about how much it will be helpful for playing that game and I personally prefer playing it on Mobile.

And to add more to it if you have an Xbox One or PC then you will probably use it to play games over there. And with the prevailing Bug fixed users will also be able to write something if required. And after this patch, more update will come in future days.



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