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The launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds saw frame rate issues in a video released by Digital Foundry highlighting the game’s performance which wasn’t looking great. Not only game’s performance was a concern but it has a heavily revised interface.

Efforts are being made to improve the performance of the game on Microsoft’s console with the release of a new patch.However, it will still require some time to reach a certain extent of enhancement.

The patch notes state“The team’s efforts on ‘Patch 11’ have been focused on continued performance optimization and stability improvements across the family of Xbox consoles,”. “We are also introducing changes to inventory management, in an effort to increase the speed at which players can navigate menus and change their loadout.”

As a part of the release, they have strongly recommended restarting Xbox after the patch goes live to get the update. With that the below listed are some of the major modifications done in the patch release:

Performance / Optimization / Stability

  • Implemented texture changes to improve graphical performance
  • Optimized vehicle profiles to improve framerate
  • Additional fixes to reduce crashes

 UI/UX (Inventory)

  • The layout of the inventory has been improved, adding focal points to identify selected areas, a clearer button guide and tooltips
  • Improved selection of weapon slots and attachments – players can change the focus and selection by using the D-Pad
  • Quick scrolling has been added by using LT/RT buttons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that caused players to hear footsteps when no other players were in the vicinity
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the blue zone from being displayed correctly

An official forum post from March 8 explained:“To put it bluntly, we are simply not satisfied with the game’s current console performance, and especially so during tense moments of onscreen action,”. “We have found some immediate opportunity to increase frame rate through changes to Erangel’s building materials, as well as some reduction to in-game foliage composition. Until we are completely satisfied with the quality and reliability of the experience, efforts to optimize performance will be an ongoing hi-priority issue.”

There will be a lot of work to be done on performance enhancement considering the demand of the game in the coming months. For Xbox One and Xbox one X, a complete strategy has to be planned for a long run.


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