Youtuber makes Epyc processor work on X399 motherboard

A youtuber Der8auer in an attempt to check whether the Epyc and Threadripper are same chips tried an experiment recently to make the Epyc chip work on the X399 motherboard which is a specifically made for Threadripper processors. As we know there are currently some processors who even after having the same socket don’t work on different chipsets just like the Intel Coffee Lake processors don’t work on LGA 1151 socket if the chipset is Z170 or Z270 even though the socket is same but due to the design of the socket, it makes it impossible for them to work on these chipset motherboards.

But this guy thought to do the experiment and he actually made it work on the X399 motherboard. He first used the 1950X on the motherboard without a CPU cooler, hard drive, SSD and graphics card with memories installed to make sure the Threadripper processor is working properly on the ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME and he boots it to check the code.

He then uses the Epyc processor by putting thermal paste. The CPU doesn’t make the LED’s work at the first but when he presses the CPU, the LED’s switch ON easily as if the CPU was loosely connected to the socket. So, he guessed if some pin which shouldn’t be connected is making the issue and he tries taping random pins to see if some Pin is making the issue and finally gets to the right pin which was the issue.

After making that pin disconnected to the socket, the CPU works just fine and the system boots but the debug LEDs give a D0 code which is due to the motherboard bios not made for Epyc CPU. But if AMD makes changes to the bios it may work properly but as obvious nobody knows if they will do it or not.

Here is the video of Der8auer trying the experiment.



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