6 scariest moments in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil village

Resident Evil games are admired for their evil zombies, monsters and the hard gameplay from two decades. The latest Resident Evil game i.e., 8- The Village is an extension of the 7th part. This game is popular for Lady Dimitrescu but is certainly not limited to her.

While the game doesn’t feature many jump scares, they are psychologically haunting. As every horror game has certain areas where the horror is at its peak, this game also features some of the best moments that will make your heart pound fast.

In the complete game, I find six areas/moments to be the scariest ones that every horror game lover should look for. Make sure you switch off your lights, close your door, and use headphones before playing these moments to ensure the best horror experience.

The Arrival



As you can see from the image above, the game starts from a very spooky area. You are kidnapped and when you wake up, you find yourself in an area that is covered with snow and there is hardly anything you can guess. This area is a pure horror to start with and with the view range of 10 meters, you can hardly predict what’s coming.

You will hear some weird noises from the field as if there is some kind of monster and you will see several crows killed and hanged from the dead trees. Now you will want to exit the game but it will be worth it after you cross it.

Castle Dimitrescu(Daughter confrontation)

Castle Dimitrescu


The Castle of Lady Dimitrescu is itself mesmerizing. As much as good it looks from the inside, you will feel the frightening atmosphere around you. The worst part, however, starts when you reach the first floor to unlock a door. Here you will confront one of the three daughters of Lady D.

The feeling of running away to find a way and having that girl chase you is definitely terrifying.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon


The Dungeon is located right under the Caste of Dimitrescu and looks like Lady D and her daughters used to imprison people here before feeding on their blood. This area has several jails and a totally dark environment that are surrounded by undead zombies. You will never know when they will awake and attack you.


Resident evil 8 Varcolac


This will scare you like no other bosses in the game. While he is not as strong as the bigger bosses, he comes out suddenly from a field and drags you as you try to escape his strong jaws. When you see him, just find a home where he can’t enter and you can shoot him with a powerful gun/rifle.

Potter’s Field

Potter's Field


Potter’s Field is similar to the Arrival area but believe me, it is on a whole another level. The forest and the fog make it spookier and then you find dolls hanging on the trees indicating that you are in the area of the Doll boss. While there are no challenging fights in this field, this area stands out in the game compared to other places.

House Beneviento

Doll house


House Beneviento is surely the most haunted place in the game. You will never want to visit this place as no matter how much you know what happens there, you will still shit your pants. This house is creepier than all the areas combined and there are so many things going on inside it that it is hard to explain its horror. The doll room and the massive crawling baby are psychologically the best things.

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