Asus to Launch ROG Ally Worldwide, may Arrive Sooner than Expected

ROG Ally

The popular upcoming ROG Ally gaming console from Asus which was first seen on 1st April might be coming sooner than expected.

In a recent Tweet, ROG Global announced that “The ROG Ally is set to release worldwide”, and added that “it may be sooner than you expect” with a small clock emoticon at the end in brackets.

We don’t know the exact date of its launch but the answer might be hidden in the clock emoticon. As the clock displays 7:15, it is possible that Asus will launch the ROG Ally on the 15th of July this year. However, this is just our assumption and it might be incorrect.

The gaming console is supposedly going against the Steam Deck but with superior specs. While the Deck features a 1280×800 resolution, ROG Ally will feature a full HD resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate screen which is the first on a handheld gaming console.

It features a Zen 4-based custom Ryzen 7040 APU that features an RDNA 3 iGPU which is obviously way better than the Zen 2 and RDNA 2-based chip in the Steam Deck.

It will be able to run Windows games out of the box and is supposedly 50% faster than Steam Deck at 15W and twice as fast as the Deck at 35W.

However, the pricing is expected to be much higher than the Steam Deck’s base model and it is rumored that the pricing will start at $650. Of course, it can be even higher because a 120Hz handheld console that promises to play modern titles at 1080p resolution won’t come at a cheap cost.

Only a handful of people around the world got the opportunity to try this console including Linus Sebastian who was quite impressed with its performance.