Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L Review


Red Switches

Popping out a key-cap we can see the Cherry MX Red switch. Space, Shift, Backspace, Enter and the num_0, num_Plus and num_Enter keys also have a spring mechanism underneath, to provide optimum tension while use, excellent. Though in practice there is one little quirk with this system. I have a very soft spot for the game CS GO, and I try to play well. In my quest for Global, I have developed a different keyboard control layout than my colleagues, to gain an edge. I use my thumb to press space, alt, super keys, as well as some other keys, but coming to the important bit, as I press very close to the edge of the space key repeatedly the key-cap itself comes loose. Which I begin to fix by pushing the key all the way down in the dead centre of the key-cap. I assume this is an issue with the tensioning mechanism. Only exists on the space key as I am aware but it will depend on your personal usage. Moving on, the Key-caps have an underlying white reflective layer to better reflect the light from the LEDs, this gives a nice effect of continuous lighting in theory, but as you get used to it, this only serves as a distraction. Everything looks solid under the hood as well. Consistency and Quality.

Flipping the keyboard over, we are on the backside now. Here, we finally spot a Cooler Master logo and also a barcode to identify your product. There are four small rubber feet on the underside, which are rather small, I wonder what they thought when they came up with this design. Personally, I would’ve appreciated larger rubber feet on the underside. There is the female micro-USB port which will be used to connect the keyboard to your Computer. And Cooler Master has done well-provided cable routing channels underneath to exit the cable through the top or either side of the keyboard. There are also two keyboard liftoffs to give a higher angle to the resting keyboard. Mine is broken cause review sample. Take care of your keyboards people. It’s appreciated that cooler master has designed this keyboard with the concept of less is more. But in their hopes to follow the well-trusted path they and their customers might be giving up on quite a lot of added functionality. No USB pass through or headphone or jack?

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