The following awards are given to the computer hardware that is reviewed and tested manually on this site. If you see any of these in the conclusion of a particular computer hardware, then know that it is tested and has qualified for the award.


XG Gold Award is the highest award a product can get. The product should not have any noticeable flaws and should provide the best performance in every area. The score for getting this award is 9.6-10.


XG Silver Award is the award given to a product which is close to perfect and should be perfect in the majority of areas and should have no noticeable or big cons. The score for getting this award is 9.1-9.5.

XG-Best Value RED

XG BEST VALUE:- This award is given to a computer hardware which provides the best bang for the buck. The general score for a hardware to pass this test is 8.6-9.

XG-Recommended RED

XG RECOMMENDED:- This award is for that computer hardware which has very few CONS but still provides a very decent experience and follows the hardware that is the Best Value. The general score to pass this test is 8-8.5.

XG-Just Fine RED

XG JUST FINE:- When a hardware proves itself to be worthy of trying and a starting point in a particular category, it gets the JUST FINE award. The general score to pass this test is 7.5-7.9. 

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