TOZO S3 SmartWatch Review: Smart and Handy

TOZO S3 SmartWatch Review: Smart and Handy

The earphone specialist Tozo has a dedicated smartwatch series that offers connectivity on your wrist. With many advertised functionalities such as health monitoring tools, sports modes, and social connectivity, the S3 looks promising.

While I am not a big fan of watches, equipping them with various techs only gives me the hunger to learn about them. That’s what we are going to explore in this review where I am going to provide a detailed analysis of the TOZO S3 smartwatch followed by the verdict.

Inside the Box

The watch and the accessories came well-packed inside the box. These are the items that come inside it:

  1. The Watch
  2. The straps
  3. Charger cable
  4. User Manual

A quick guide is also available through which users can get started with operating the watch in no time. With an easy attachment system, the straps can be attached or detached in a couple of seconds.

Specs and Connectivity


ScreenTFT, 1.83″
Battery Capacity300mAh
Charging time/method2.5h/Magnetic
FunctionalityAndroid 6.0 or later, iOS 9.0 or later
Water ResistanceIP68

Unlike most watches on the market, the S3 comes with a noticeably bigger screen size of 1.83″ and boasts a decent resolution of 240×284 pixels. The battery capacity is also satisfactory with a 300mAH battery that can be charged in 2.5 hours as per Tozo’s claims.

The watch is compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 9.0 out of the box and will work with newer OS versions. Apart from the functions, it is also water resistant with an IP68 rating. These are the basic specs of the S3 which we will analyze later in the review.


The S3 features Bluetooth 5.3 and has a decent range of up to 10m. I could easily carry the watch to another room and have my watch connected to my phone without any problem. Even though connecting the watch through Bluetooth is a straightforward task, you cannot sync all the features without the TOZO health app.

Wearing the watch around your wrist is pretty straightforward and the extra strap goes underneath. The straps are comfortable and have a little stretchy property to adjust according to your wrist flexion.

One thing to note about connectivity is that when the watch is disconnected for a few hours, reconnecting to the phone via Bluetooth is inconsistent and requires a restart. I don’t know why this happens but it should be fixed.

Getting Started(Basic functions)

The watch gets turned on by pressing the button for a few seconds. Then you are directed to the home screen where you can see all the stuff in a single place including the time, walking distance, heart rate, weather, battery life, and more. On top, you will find a quick “Call” button to call whoever you want but it requires you to manually add the contacts through the Tozo health app.

There are five Watch Faces by default which you can select through the settings that include various themes for the home screen. These can be changed and many more themes can be added through Tozo Health under “Dial Center”. Each theme has to be downloaded and install individually and it can take a minute to change to a new theme.

By swiping right, left, up, and down, you will switch to different modes where you can monitor your health-related parameters, access messages, and various quick settings. You can control various functions including Wake Gesture, Brightness, Screen Timeout, Notifications, etc. from the settings but this can also be done through the Tozo health app once the watch syncs to your phone. So, pretty convenient for users.

The touchscreen is pretty ok, but not the best as you have to do it slowly to make it work. It can’t be compared to an Android or iPhone touchscreen but it is decently responsive if you don’t do it quickly.

Health Monitoring Tools

The two major health monitoring tools are Heart rate and Stress monitors. The watch actively receives the information through the sensor and displays the latest info on your heart rate and stress every few seconds. It also has a real-time heart rate monitoring feature that consumes more battery. The information is stored in the form of a graph for the full 24 hours which gives you the full detail for the whole day.

Another tool is the Sleep Tracker which tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night. However, these can be measured only when you wear the watch for the whole need while sleeping. The last one is the Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring tool that measures your blood oxygen anytime throughout the day.

Sports Modes and Misc Functions

Tozo provides 100+ Sports Modes for various kinds of physical activities. By default, only a few modes are installed but you can install multiple modes for other sports according to your needs. So, whether you want to track your running, hiking, or cycling progress, you can do it by choosing the required mode. All of that data can be stored in the “Exercise Record” for recording your progress.

Apart from Sports Modes, the S3 offers various miscellaneous functions such as Reminders for taking medicine and drinking water. These are customized reminders that users have to add manually. Then there is a tool called “Flashlight” that turns on a dim white light. It’s not really useful and you should avoid using it.

Battery Life

Tozo claims that the S3 smartwatch can go for 7-10 days on a single charge. In my testing, it did come out to be true but I wasn’t using the watch for the whole day. It is possible that the battery would discharge in 4-6 days as using it multiple times in the day can deplete the battery faster. Still, the battery life seems to be impressive and you don’t need to charge it every other day.

Complete recharging doesn’t take much time. Just 30 minutes and you are good to go. However, the charging interface is unreliable and poor. Tozo S3 uses a magnetic connector that easily detaches with the smallest of movements. This is similar to what we saw with the Tozo OpenReal headphones and I believe Tozo should really change the connecting interface.

The Verdict

In the competitive sphere of smartwatches, Tozo S3 impresses through tons of features that range from simple calling or messaging to tracking various physical activities and health parameters. While there are similar options with some advantages and drawbacks available in the market for the same price range of $50-$60, it looks satisfactory. However, the frequent discounts given by the company make it a bargain.

The vibrant display on a good 1.83″ screen with clear fonts allows users to read easily whatever is present on the screen, no matter what the size is. The strap is comfortable and the battery life is awesome. That said, the best thing about the S3 is its quick syncing with the Tozo Health app which allows further customizations, and the addition of various sports modes and watch faces.

The Tozo S3 is a must-have smartwatch for tech lovers that not only delivers your calls and messages but also helps you monitor and maintain your daily routine.

  • Large sized display with good resolution
  • Comfortable and stretchable strap
  • Several health monitoring tools and tons of Sports modes
  • Dozens of custom watch faces
  • Tozo Health app compatibility for more functionality
  • Great battery life with around 5-6 days of operation
  • Magnetic charging cable easily detaches even with small movements
  • Has problems reconnecting on occassions and requires restart
  • Flashlight is useless

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