TOZO Tonal Fits T21 Review: Pocket-Friendly Earbuds

TOZO Tonal Fits T21 Review: Pocket-Friendly Earbuds

TOZO earphone lineup is vast and we have already reviewed a bunch of them in the past, most of which passed with flying colors for the price tag they come with. Of course, the higher-end models like Tozo Golden X1 can’t be matched by the entry-level models, most of them are still up to the mark for daily usage.

Today, we are going to look at another budget offering from the company, the Tonal Fits T21, which offers a different design than what we have tested from the company till now. The review will include a detailed analysis of the sound quality, microphone, ease of usage, connectivity, battery life, and functionality of earbuds with the Tozo app.

Inside the Box

The charging case with the earphones came inside a small box with some foam packaging. The USB charging cable and the manuals were inside small cases. This is generally how Tozo ships their earphones but higher-end models like Golden X1 have a much more premium packaging.

Charging Case

The charging case is quite different than most Tozo earphones we have seen till now. It’s highly compact and can fit in a small pocket conveniently. We did like how easy it is to carry around but the fact that the charging case also has a real-time battery indicator, felt good because at the same budget, the Tozo T6 didn’t have this feature on its charging case.

Build Quality and Looks

The earphones boast a dedicated microphone steam that is longer than usual Tozo earphones. The earphones have a generic design we usually see on most earphones and have no ear tips, which are helpful in better immersion and cutting off the background noise effectively. The Tozo T21 doesn’t aim towards background noise cancellation and rather focuses on keeping you aware of the surroundings.

Features and Technology

The Tonal Fits T21 earphones are equipped with 14.2mm Dynamic drivers and have a semi-in-Ear design. The earphones also boast an IPX8 waterproof rating, making these ideal for workouts and for usage outdoors. The IPX8 is an excellent rating that makes the device resistant to water even if you submerge it completely in it. Other than this, Tozo doesn’t claim to have used anything premium inside the earphones but does claim that the dynamic drivers used should deliver clear and deep sound. We will see that later in the Sound Quality section.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

Connectivity of T21 is excellent. It comes with Bluetooth 5.3 for incredible stable wireless connectivity that has a great range and will keep you connected inside your house, no matter where you go. The earphones are as easy as taking them out of the case and pairing them with your phone with a simple Bluetooth button.

However, accessing the earphones inside the Tozo app will require you to manually open the app and pair it inside it. After you pair it with your phone, you are now able to control its functions through the app or through the touch feature.

Touch Features

Almost all Tozo earbuds feature touch functionality and for $30, we expected it to have this functionality just as other budget Tozo earbuds. If you have ever used Tozo earbuds before, it will be easier for you to transition to the T21. The touch features include the ability to control the calls and media through simple taps.

You can take, hang, or cut the calls or you can increase/decrease volume and pause/play the media through the touch functionality on both earphones. Personally, even though the touch features are on par and responsive, the uneven design made it quite unusual compared to other Tozo earphones.


TOZO app is my favorite and there is no denying that it has plenty of features and control to offer. Unlike some other models, the T21 has access to more EQ modes where you will find Bass Plus, Bass++, and Treble+ EQ modes apart from a dozen of different EQ presets.

The app also shows you the battery status of each earphone separately and allows changing the touch functionality. Overall, it’s very convenient and without it, the T21 audio delivery couldn’t be made spicier.

Sound Quality

Audio delivery is the primary focus of any earphone and the T21 delivers standard sound quality. It didn’t impress us much but it’s not bad in any way. However, I could feel the imbalance at higher volumes. Thankfully, there isn’t any distortion even at full volume and you could hear the lows, mids, and highs clearly.

The uneven details were our biggest complaint but it does offer an impressive bass. On the standard EQ mode, it isn’t very punchy but once you put it to the Bass preset, it was thumpy and felt right. However, at Bass Plus and Bass++, it was just too much and suppressed other details.

Treble is also good and with different EQ presets, it’s easier to understand T21’s strengths and weaknesses. Overall, it’s satisfactory for its price tag.


Microphone quality is generic. Microphone quality on the higher-end Tozo earphones isn’t too impressive either but at least some of them feature ANC. The T21 doesn’t have ANC and we don’t recommend it for commuting or taking calls in a public area.

Battery Life

Tozo claims the T21 can operate for up to 10 hours on a single charge and this is the first time we have seen a device to match the exact advertised claim. In our testing, the T21 lasted for 9-10 hours, mostly on continuous usage when cycled through different volume levels at different times. We are more than impressed with not just the battery life but with how the company didn’t go overboard with the claims.

With the charging case, the company claims the T21 can operate for 44 hours. We didn’t test this one but we are positive that it will definitely touch the 40-hour mark. So, with the charging case fully charged, you can take the Tozo Tonal Fits T21 for a small vacation without having to worry about the battery life.

Final Verdict

From a plethora of budget and entry-level earphones available in the market, ranking the earphones is one of the most difficult chores. We can’t put the T21 at the top of the chart but it certainly is a decent one for its price. The T21 isn’t for audiophiles but for those who aren’t used to enthusiast-grade audio devices. It has punchy bass, clear details, loud volume, and a great battery life. On top of that, the app support and the ability to choose from the EQ presets are plus points.

  • Decent sound quality
  • No distortion at full volume
  • Several EQ modes
  • Punchy Bass
  • Touch features for calls and media
  • Dedicated app support
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Somewhat lackluster audio delivery
  • No ANC
  • Using Bass++/Plus messes up with details
XG Recommended

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