TOZO T6 Earbuds Review: Entry-Level but Amazing!

TOZO T6 Earbuds Review: Entry-Level but Amazing!

TOZO is one of the most popular brands for earbuds and smartwatches that offers various kinds of earbuds on different budgets. We have already reviewed several of their earbuds and today, we will see where the TOZO T6 stands in one of the most competitive price ranges for budget earbuds.

Tozo T6 is officially priced at $39.99 but one can find it for a much lower price on Amazon. This could potentially make it the best budget wireless earbuds for users who don’t want to compromise on several advanced features including touch functionality and app support.

Inside the Box

Tozo T6 comes in a compact but well-organized box with protective foams to protect the charging case from damage. Inside the box, users will find the T6 charging case with earbuds, five pairs of different sized ear tips, a user manual, a quick guide, and a USB cable for charging. No charger is included.

Charging Case

The charging case is pretty small but has a beautiful matt finish. It’s like a lighter that can fit inside a small pocket which makes it very portable compared to some other higher-end Tozo earbuds. The earbuds inside turn on once the case is opened and turn off automatically when the charging case is closed.

The case features 4 LED dots at the front bottom to show the battery status. Even though it isn’t very accurate, it is at least better than the Tozo Open Buds which don’t have any battery status indicator. The earbuds themselves light up when the earbuds are removed showing their real-time status.

Earbuds Build Quality and Looks

Most budget earbuds don’t have a special appeal but the T6 earbuds look different with the matte and shiny finish. The LED indicator is present on both the earbuds showing their working status.

You will find the “R” and “L” markings on each earbud indicating which earbud should go in which ear. There is a mic in each earbud and a charging socket underneath.

The ear tips are pretty soft and ideal for small to medium-sized ears. Once the ear tips are removed, the plastic speakers are exposed and are fully round compared to other Tozo earbuds. While this doesn’t help in an improved sound or stuff like that, it does help in putting back the ear tips pretty easily in any orientation.

Features and Technology

TOZO T6 comes with an IPX8 water resistance feature that avoids small splashes of water going inside. The earbuds are lightweight and are Bluetooth 5.3 compatible, making them perfect for maintaining a stable connection at more distance.

T6 features OrigX 2.0 technology and a 6mm dynamic driver with a frequency range of up to 20KHz. Moreover, it comes with call noise cancellation and ENC call noise reduction.

The T6 supports touch features and is compatible with the TOZO app. We will analyze these features later in the post.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

As T6 features Bluetooth 5.3 connection, it is capable of maintaining a connection for up to 10m with the phone. You just need to find it on your phone after turning on the Bluetooth and that’s it.

Touch Features

Almost every TOZO earbuds feature touch functionality and the T6 is no exception. Users can use single tap or tap and hold for various functions to control the media, volume, calls, etc. This is a really handy feature that is present on both the earbuds. The touch is pretty responsive and users can learn all the functionality in no time.


One of the major reasons why the T6 is an excellent budget earbud pair is because it is fully compatible with the official TOZO app that offers various functionalities. Apart from showing the accurate battery status for each earbud, it also allows customizing the equalizer.

Thankfully, the T6 supports all the EQ modes and also allows customizing the sliders manually to increase or decrease any property. Moreover, you can also save the custom profiles for each EQ mode switch.

Sound Quality

Ok, here’s the main part. Unlike other Tozo earbuds which I have tested till now are clearly superior to the T6 in sound quality. It isn’t bad and is pretty satisfactory but on high volume, I can feel the distortion. It can go pretty loud at full volume which is nice but at the same time, it isn’t good enough for blasting your ears.

I would rather choose to listen at a max volume of up to 85% than at 100%. Something is off on the high pitch but the lows and mids were satisfactory. I wasn’t expecting too much from it but compared with other budget Tozo earbuds, it’s not as impressive.

The bass was pretty good and it was a good experience changing through different EQ modes that clearly varied in sound quality. In the treble mode, the vocals were crisp and clear and on the Bass+, bass was loud and impressive.


You get a generic microphone and some noise cancellation feature that should reduce the surrounding noise for easier conversation. There’s not much to elaborate here. Pretty much standard as we find on other budget earbuds.

Battery Life

Battery life is up to the mark. Tozo claims that it can work up to 12 hours on a single charge if put on 50% volume. I was listening to the audio at 75% and it lasted for about 10 hours. So, definitely 10/10 points for the battery.

I don’t know exactly how long it will last with the charging case but according to Tozo, it can last up to 45 hours in total. I believe that it will definitely work for 40 hours with the charging case as the advertised claim is pretty accurate when it comes to the battery life without the case.

Final Verdict

With a plethora of budget earbuds out in the market, the Tozo T6 is a satisfactory choice for those who are looking to spend no more than $20-$30. While not all earbuds don’t come with app support, T6 has an upper hand through its app compatibility. You can select from a variety of EQ modes and monitor the real-time battery status as well.

The construction feels premium and you get a couple of ear tips that are handy for users with different ear sizes. The sound quality is also decent except for the full volume where the distortion may start to appear on the high side. Still, it isn’t bad and it’s probably better between medium to high volume.

The touch features are also decent, allowing control of the media as well as various other functions related to taking calls. Lastly, battery life is what makes it stand out and it can easily last up to a week with the charging case, depending on how much the user uses it.

  • Good sound quality on medium-high volume
  • Very affordable
  • Several EQ modes
  • Good bass quality
  • Touch features for controlling media
  • Dedicated app support
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Some distortion at full volume on the high side
  • No battery status indicator on charging case

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