Gamigo announces release of Bard in Trove for Nintendo Switch



Rock out as Bard

Popular Voxel MMO, Trove gets another class in the game known as Bard. Gamigo has officially announced the launch of the new class Bard for Nintendo Switch that helps your team get support in different ways.

Bard has stylish moves and dazzling songs to create powerful abilities and help their mates in their adventures. With the help of Bard, players can aid their fellows either at home or even on the journey as needed. Those who want to be with the rock gods can access Bard through crafting on the Chaos Crafter or through the new Bard packs.


The new update to the game also includes a new crafting tier to Crystallogy known as Bardmancologist. Through this section, players can craft allies, mounts, wings, and costumes for the Bard class. Including the new Bard class, now there are 17 individual classes to choose from that includes heroic Vanguardian, the magical Chloromancer etc.

Trove’s Youtube channel has a brief glimpse of how Bard class will function. Watch the video on what Bard is all about.


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