AMD Explains FSR 3 Working at GDC California: To Bring 2X Performance


AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is going to turn 2 this year and has been evolving since. AMD introduced FSR 3 last year which showed how a game could reach double the performance without changing your existing hardware.

AMD explained their new FidelityFX Super Resolution called FSR 3 at GDC California held from 20-24th March, which promises two times more FPS than native resolution through Frame interpolation.

In the new presentation, AMD showed its rendering pipeline for FSR 3 that does both upscaling and interpolation to add more frames to the gameplay for providing smoother animation and higher performance.


With FSR 3, both motion vectors and AMD Fluid Motion are going to create interpolated frames and for every interpolated pixel, there is going to be one sample. Good thing is that these interpolated frames won’t be shown more than once so that there is no interpolation artifact except for one frame.

So, AMD admits that there will be artifacts with FSR 3 which is obvious because, with frame generation, the artifacts are almost unavoidable. This is evident from Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0 which introduced Frame generation that gets help from Motion Vectors and Optical Flow.

Good thing is that with FSR 3, AMD is trying to reduce the latency as much as possible which is crucial for fluid movements. Moreover, it is going to be easy for them to integrate FSR 3 into the titles that are already FSR 2 compatible.


The FSR 3 is going to be easier to integrate into more games and will also support XBOX with its SDK which is definitely going to be a lot easier for most game developers.

Source: AMD

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