AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D reportedly up to 24% faster than i9 13900K

ryzen 7950X3D

We recently received the official benchmarks of Ryzen 7800X3D from AMD itself. So, before even continuing, take these results with a grain of salt because both Nvidia and AMD show results in their favor in an exaggerated manner. This is exactly what I found with the gaming performance of 7800X3D.

Originally reported by Tomshardware, the 7800X3D was tested against the i9 13900K as well as the 5800X3D. According to the charts, 7800X3D outperforms the 13900K by up to 24% on average with differences ranging from 13^ to 24%. One thing you can notice is that this chart is really vague as you can literally see nothing except for differences in bars.

Ryzen 7800X3D benchmarks

AMD tested just 4 games that mostly favor 3D CPUs more than the regular ones. Moreover, we don’t even know what GPU AMD used for this testing because except for the motherboard and RAM kit, AMD didn’t disclose additional details about the configurations used.

However, when we consider the third-party benchmarks of Ryzen 7950X3D and the simulated 7800X3D, some results do match AMD’s own benchmarks but some say otherwise.


Click to enlarge, Techspot

The simulated 7800X3D is roughly 33% faster than the 13900K in Horizon Zero Dawn at 1080p which is even higher than what AMD’s chart shows.


Click to enlarge, Tomshardware

On the other hand, RDR2 might not see a 23% performance difference because the 7950X3D is just 11% faster than the 13900K and you can assume 2-3% more performance with the 7800X3D which will still not come close to even 20%.

These numbers can go higher or lower depending on the configuration but what makes me upset about the official numbers is that they are almost unclear due to the amount of information they convey making them highly unreliable and unexciting most of the time.

We are just a few weeks apart from the launch and in that duration, be prepared to have some more leaked benchmarks of 7800X3D.

Source: Tomshardware