AMD Strix Point 12-Core APU Spotted, will Feature TDP of 54W

AMD Strix Point 12-Core APU Spotted, will Feature TDP of 54W

Recently we got a glimpse of Ryzen 8000 Strix Point Apus in AMD Linux as well as some open source codes.

It is reported from Videocardz that AMD is working on a 12 and 16-core APU belonging to the Strix Point and Strix Halo family. These two are specifically for the mobile platforms and there are reports that suggest that Strix Point may also arrive for desktop later.

While the Strix Point 12 Core APU is expected to be rated at 54 Watts, the Strix Halo 16 Core APU can have an operating power of up to 120 watts. These APUs will feature Zen 5 and Zen 5C cores and will also feature Navi 3.5 architecture for integrated graphics as we know from previous reports.

Coincidentally, we saw another leak of the Strix Point APU that made it to the MilkyWay computing platform. From here, it has been confirmed that the APU will feature a total of 24 threads which means 12 total cores as we saw from the previous leak.

AMD Strix Point 12 core APU

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So, it is speculated that out of 12 cores, the configuration might be 4 Zen 5 and 8 Zen 5C cores or it can be 8 Zen 5 and 4 Zen 5C cores. So, it is definitely getting a big uplift in the core count over the Phoenix Point but it goes even further than that.

It is expected to get 4 more Compute Units in integrated graphics which is already faster due to a newer architecture. Apart from that, it will see double the Ryzen AI cores which will simplify many operations without consuming much power.

However, the Strix Halo is something that needs more attention. Not only it will launch the same year as Strix Point but will also feature more cores, significantly higher compute units, and will also double the Ryzen AI cores. So, in my opinion, Strix Halo will be the biggest jump in performance we have ever seen in APUs in recent times.

Now it’s not clear whether Strix Halo will make it to the desktop in the future but if it does, then there will be no need for buying a discrete GPU if you are trying to play games at 1080p with 60 fps.

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