Intel to Discontinue its Rocket Lake Series, Last Shipment will be next year

Intel Rocket Lake

According to Intel’s new documentation, it is discontinuing the 11th gen Rocket Lake CPUs which were the last to use the 14nm process node.

The document shows that the Product Discontinuance Program support began on 6th Feb this year and the Last product Discontinuance shipment will be on 23rd Feb 2024. This means that even though the official discontinuance of Rocket Lake CPUs has started, there is one more year till people can easily find these CPUs in retail stores.

Intel product change

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I remember that 11th Gen CPUs did not bring much improvement over the 10th-gen series and were not that popular at the time of release. Still, to this date, it is somehow cheaper to build a PC with the LGA 1200 platform as a lot of decent Z590 motherboards cost below $150 which reduces the cost of total PC build significantly.

As 12th gen CPUs won’t be able to fit on an LGA 1200 socket, it is recommended that you upgrade to a higher-end 11th gen CPU if you already own a budget CPU from this series. This will make your PC last some more years without remaining too far from the standards today.

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