Intel takes the Crown for Fastest Mobile CPUs with Core i9 13980HX

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If you remember the recent performance leak on Passmark, it showed the performance numbers of one of the upcoming Dragon Range CPUs i.e., the Ryzen 9 7845HX that crushed every other mobile CPU we have known to date in the PassMmark test.

Unfortunately, the win for this CPU was for a few days only and now two new Intel CPUs have surpassed the 7845HX. The first one is the i9 13980HX, the flagship Raptor Lake mobile CPU with 52,606 points; the other is the i9 13900HX with 51739 points. Compared to the score generated by 7845HX, the 13900HX is 10% and the 13980HX is 16% faster.


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The i9 13900HX, however, doesn’t bring a great performance uplift over the 12900HX(only 45%) compared to the 7845HX which brings a 90% higher score than the Ryzen 6900HX.

It was expected because both CPUs bring two times more cores than the 7845HX. However, it is surprising and amazing to see that despite being far away in specs, the 7845HX is not that behind. Moreover, the 7845HX has a max TDP of 75W whereas both Intel CPUs are almost two times more power-hungry than the former.

It is also possible that this record of Intel CPUs will break any day because AMD will ship Ryzen 7000 based laptops this month that will feature the flagship CPU, the 7945HX which is a 16-core and 32 threads monster CPU with the same TDP configuration as of 7845HX.

Source: PassMark

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