Best destroyers in world of warships

minekaze ijn

There are many open-world games in today’s world. Some give you the option to play as a sole soldier where the last man standing wins. While there are some games that will put one in the shoes of how the previous wars have been fought. One of such games first surfaced back in 2008- World of Tanks.

But it was until 2011, the game was officially launched. It was followed by another version, World of Warplanes that was released back in 2013. And the latest installment was World of Warship released back in 2015. However, all three major installments have gained huge popularity till now.

Unlike World of Tanks there is not much landscape to hide and neither like World of Warplanes there is the first chase dog fight available in the World of Warships. Hence, World of Worship is not something that solely relies on fast-paced action types. Instead, it has its own way where one will face a slow-paced battle across the vast ocean. The World of Warships also has a lot of different options to offer for players to choose from.

However, one must ensure to keep his cool and analyze a proper strategy first. The game has quite a number of ships for players to pick from, starting from Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Battleships. Each one has its unique capability.

What makes Destroyers a good option?

That being said, in our today’s topic, we will list out the best Destroyers that are available for you to pick in the games. But before that why we are covering Destroyers? It should be made clear in the first place why we pick “Destroyers” in our topic.

Destroyers, as they are coined, refer to warships that are fast, easy to maneuvre, long-endurance warships. They are used to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy, or battle group and defend them against powerful short-range or airborne attacks. Therefore, they intend to play a versatile role when compared with Battleships that are the giants of the seas and meant to last.

There are 10 different tiers in total and 11 different countries to choose from. Destroyers are available once a player reaches tier 2. Therefore, let us sum up the best available Destroyers out there and summarize them out for you.

Derzki (Tier 3)


We strongly suggest not to get with Destroyer right from the start and thus for our list, we are going with Derzki first. It is for certain Derzki is one of the best Destroyer in the low tier. It comes with 10x torpedos, to begin with. Therefore it is quite suitable for close-range combat.


  • Survivability: 13
  • Artillery: 13
  • Torpedoes: 12
  • AA Defence: 2
  • Maneuverability: 54
  • Concealment: 90

Minekaze IJN (Tier 5)

minekaze ijn

One of the fastest boats in this game, the Minekaze IJN is capable of playing a crucial support role. It also comes with long-range torpedoes (7 KM). And having the speed at its disposal it can hit and run away from opponents’ range with ease.


  • Survivability: 16
  • Artillery: 14
  • Torpedoes: 14
  • AA Defence: 2
  • Maneuverability: 73
  • Concealment: 89

Fubuki (Tier 6)


The Fubuki can be coined as an upgraded version of Minekaze. It comes with long-range torpedos (10 KM) along with IJN cannons. It is by far the best destroyer in its tier.


  • Survivability: 21
  • Artillery: 25
  • Torpedoes: 30
  • AA Defence: 16
  • Maneuverability: 65
  • Concealment: 85

Lightning (Tier 8)


An L-class destroyer with unmatchable stealth capability. So if you looking for some action without drawing much attention then this is the one. However, it is equipped with 120 mm guns in new enclosed turrets allowing it to achieve higher elevation angles. Therefore these can be used as anti-aircraft guns. Also, these turrets can traverse 360 degrees.


  • Survivability: 25
  • Artillery: 30
  • Torpedoes: 19
  • AA Defence: 35
  • Maneuverability: 65
  • Concealment: 91

Kiev (Tier 8)


This Russian beast offers Ognevois 2×130 mm guns along with a total of 6 B-2-U tubes making it a deadly combo of firepower. It also offers a superior speed of 42 knots.


  • Survivability: 26
  • Artillery: 29
  • Torpedoes: 18
  • AA Defence: 18
  • Maneuverability: 77
  • Concealment: 75

Fletcher (Tier 9)


Fletcher is the most balanced among destroyers. It can be useful for supporting your fleet. It features awesome AA guns and ballistics as well.


  • Survivability: 27
  • Artillery: 28
  • Torpedoes: 23
  • AA Defence: 53
  • Maneuverability: 67
  • Concealment: 83

Daring (Tier 10)


If you want the best fire output in this tier, then Daring will satisfy you more than enough. It can even outmaneuver any stealth enemy using hydro.


  • Survivability: 36
  • Artillery: 21
  • Torpedoes: 30
  • AA Defence: 52
  • Maneuverability: 63
  • Concealment: 89



Surprisingly the Kléber makes an entry in our list of best destroyers. It is the fastest ship out there along with a different combinations of artillery guns and more powerful AA defenses.


  • Survivability: 37
  • Artillery: 40
  • Torpedoes: 42
  • AA Defence: 52
  • Maneuverability: 63
  • Concealment: 72


We have listed out the best destroyers that we think are there in the World of Warships. If you do find this guide helpful, make sure to spread the word. If you think there is something that should be added, please let us know.