5 significant differences between Call of Duty and Halo

5 significant differences between Call of Duty and Halo

Call of Duty vs Halo

PC gaming has paved its way to such a level that most modern-day games will delight gamers in every possible way. However, when it comes to FPS gaming, there are few titles that have climbed the height where it has become an icon for dominating the gaming industry.

When we are discussing FPS games, then Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc. are some of those titles that a gamer will enjoy from bottom of his heart. Most of these are of shooting genres and offer a great storyline along with superior visual effect and gaming mechanics.

Today we will be comparing two legendary gaming titles, the Call of Duty series and the HALO series so that we can determine which title is the best between them.


HALO Series- Story

Halo story

HALO is a military science fiction that was first released back in the year 2001. The story revolves around an interstellar war between humanity and an alliance of aliens called Covenant. In the past, a powerful race known as the Forerunners who fought an alien race knows the Flood.

The Flood use to spread infestation of sentient life and overran much of the Milkyway. Out of options, they conceived the Halo Array- a ring-shaped megastructure and weapons of last resort that would destroy all sentient life in the galaxy to stop the Flood and after that, they just disappeared.

In the year 2525, human worlds go under assault by a theocratic union of extraterrestrial societies known as the Covenant. Earth’s only hope was the elite group of enhanced supersoldiers known as the Spartans. The main focus is on an elite soldier named Master Chief and his artificial intelligence to stand strong and hold the line against the Covenant who intend to activate the HALO rings and prevent the threat of Flood.

Call of Duty Series- Story

Call of Duty story

Call of Duty series is one of the leading FPS military shooter games of the time. The storyline of the COD series, however, tends to be abrupt. Most of the installment revolves around certain historic battles. The first installment of COD aired back in 2003 and the background of the game was set in World War II.

Over time, the game spanned across many different scenarios starting from events in Cold War and making its way to outer space. However, the title is critically acclaimed and gamers from across the world eagerly waits for the next installment.

Call of Duty Series vs HALO- Differences

Both the games are unique in their way, but if we are to compare between these two mega titles and decide who is going to win, then we need to analyze few points.

Halo has a specific inter-connected story

halo cortana

Both the titles have their own story player modes and offer a decent story for gamers to enjoy. However, the storyline of the Call of Duty series is abrupt. They are not interconnected with each other. Most of the installment offers new plot and new characters.

On the other hand, the HALO series storyline is well connected with a proper set of defined characters and plot that is connected with each other. Hence, a gamer will be more immersive in the gameplay.

Thus in terms of storyline and background, HALO is definitely the best out there.

Call of Duty Multiplayer offers more

Call of Duty warzone

If we are talking about online Multiplayer, then both of them offers the option for multiplayer gameplay. However, the Multiplayer gaming session of the Call of Duty series is on the next level. Due to the outstanding gameplay mechanics, the Call of Duty series offers gamers the to increase their skill level along with various matchmaking options. Therefore, the Call of Duty series clearly has the upper hand in the Multiplayer segment.

Halo has an unbeatable single-player campaign mode

Halo single player

The Single-player mode in HALO offers a gamer around 9-10hrs of immersive gameplay. It also offers various in-game features like that of using tactical vehicles and needs a player to use the best tactics to his advantage.

However, in the Call of Duty series, the Single-player campaign offers a gamer around 7-8 hrs of gameplay. But in the story mode, a player faces fewer difficulties in terms of fighting against AI opponents and rather seems to be dull in long run.

Therefore, in Single-player mode, HALO is clearly the winner.

COD offers more weapon customizations

call of duty weapon customization

If we are talking about in-game customization, then HALO although offers futuristic weapons but lacks customization. However, in the Call of Duty series, the developers offer players numerous customization options for their weapons. They allow the players to customize their weapons according to their play style.

Therefore, in this round, Call of Duty has a clear lead.

Halo even entered comics

halo comics

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HALO franchise has become a popular one. They continue to offer the users the vast gameplay of Single-player mode and the HALO franchise has branched out in many things. The game has been extended beyond and has been in many novels, comic books, live-action adaptation, and action figures. Even the AI from Microsoft, Cortana is based on the AI from HALO.

However, in Call of Duty, there has been almost no branching apart from a few comic books.

[tabs type=”horizontal”] [tabs_head] [tab_title] Reasons to play Halo [/tab_title] [tab_title] Reasons to play Call of Duty [/tab_title] [/tabs_head] [tab][wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i” color=”Green”] Nostalgic storyline
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i” color=”Green”] Unique weaponry
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i” color=”Green”] Sci-Fi gameplay
[/tab] [tab][wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i” color=”Royalblue”] Various timeline themes
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i” color=”Royalblue”] Great weapon customizations
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i” color=”Royalblue”] Distinguished multiplayer modes
[/tab] [/tabs]

Summing Up

As we have pointed out the key major differences between the games, but it is an undeniable fact that both the games are the best in their class. It will come down to the player’s preference whether that player wants to enjoy a good story-based game or a multiplayer game to sharpen their skills.

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