Chivalry 2: Fight Knight receives several updates including Brawl Mode and Last Team Standing

Brawl mode

Developer Torn Banner Studios along with the Publisher Tripwire Presents announced a brand new update to the popular titles Chivalry 2: Fight Knight. The new update brings several new features to the award-winning game that will take the immersion of multiplayer to the next level.

New modes

Brawl mode

The game has now received a brand new game mode called Brawl Mode in which players can pick up anything they find including chairs, bottles or sausages to beat down their opponents. The mode supports up to 40 players and there are currently two maps for this mode- The Great Hall and Rudhelm Feast.

Another newly added mode is the Last Team Standing Mode where the stakes are taken to a new height and there will be no respawns. This is also a 40 player battle and the last team/person remaining alive will be the winning team.

Headbutt Combat


A fresh new update is the Headbutt Combat that allows players to fight until their death. In case a player’s character loses his limbs, he can use his head to injure or kill his opponent before bleeding out.

Halloween Event


Starting from the 26th of October till 7th November, players can play the game with new cosmetics and costumes that include pumpkin helm and other Halloween themed decorations. Players can use interactive items like Jack O Lanterns as a weapon. The new maps and Brawl Mode will feature these limited-time Halloween decorations till the 7th of November.

Watch the new trailer now-

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